Reward Yourself

Saving water and money is still the ultimate reward. But now SAWS residential water customers can earn a little bonus for their water-saving ways.

Have you been on the fence about capping a few zones of your irrigation system? Or doing away with it altogether? How’s this for a little incentive… SAWS water customers can now earn points for their water-saving ways with the WaterSaver Rewards Program.

That’s right, it pays to be a water saver! Simply participate in conservation workshops or classes — or retire that functioning (or not) irrigation system — and you’ll be on your way to earning points for rewards coupon to buy plants, landscaping materials, rain barrels and other water-saving materials.

Points for the events, workshops and classes will vary and you must use the new Gardenstyle events calendar to check for approved classes/workshops. Also, you must be a SAWS water customer to qualify for the program.

Sign up online. Once your registration is approved (your SAWS account is verified), you’ll receive a card with your name and unique rewards number. You’ll be asked to show this card at qualifying events to earn and keep track of your points.

Approved events will be notated on the calendar with “Rewards Eligible” next to the title, along with this symbol (see below) in the body of the event description. If the event is worth one point, you’ll see WaterSaver Points = 1. If it’s worth two points, you’ll see WaterSaver Points = 2. And so on.

Collect seven points during the calendar year and reward yourself with a $30, $50 and/or $70 coupon to use at participating vendors for materials that assist with water conservation efforts (i.e. plants, landscaping materials, rain barrels, etc.). It is possible to earn all seven points with as few as two partner activities or SAWS program participation, but it will likely take three or four programs or activities to earn all seven points.

Click here for more information about the WaterSaver Rewards Program. And remember to check out the GardenStyleSA calendar for qualifying events to start earning those points!

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