Coupon Plant Selection – A Plethora of Choices

Spider lilies are an old fashioned flower with white blossoms that appear during mid-summer. Glossy leaves grow in attractive clumps generally up to 2 feet long. They thrive in semi-shady areas. This is a tough plant, but the foliage will melt if not protected during cold snaps.

Our WaterSaver Landscape Coupons have over 100 choices for you to choose from. While many will agree that more choices are better, it does mean you may need to do a little homework to make sure you choose the best plant selection for your little piece of landscape heaven.

GardenStyleSA Find a Plant can certainly help. As you start narrowing down the list, the most important characteristic to consider is how much sun or shade your 200 square foot garden receives throughout the day. Equally important is how large the plant will be when it’s full grown.

Once you choose the plant selection that meets your landscape’s individual requirements, then you can look for special characteristics like bloom color, attractiveness to hummingbirds or resistance to deer.

This coupon will take a little bit of homework on your part, but you’ll end up with just what you want. And GardenStyleSA, along with our own Garden Geek and participating nursery staff, stand ready to help!

Picture of Dana Nichols
Dana Nichols
As conservation manager at SAWS, Dana spent her days promoting beautiful San Antonio landscapes that need little to no water while benefiting Texas wildlife. While she’s no longer whipping up new landscape programs, she’s still cooking up delicious dinners made with fresh herbs from her low-water-use garden or planning the next trip with her husband, Rick -- preferably to some exotic place that requires a passport.
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