Plant by Numbers: Your blueprint for resilient green

These easy-peasy plans will help you eliminate problem areas in your yard and replace them with gorgeous water-saving alternatives.

You don’t have to be a master gardener to have a beautiful landscape. And you don’t need to toil for weeks just to give your garden a fresh look. Our new Plant by Numbers plans will help you easily eliminate problem areas in your yard and replace them with gorgeous water-saving alternatives.

Maybe the grass near the curb looks terrible due to heat from the street or you’d love more color along a sunny fence. Or maybe you have so much shade that grass doesn’t thrive in some areas. Transforming your landscape is easier than ever and you’ll save water doing it.

Plant by Numbers does the design work for you. Our new plans are like blueprints with numbered areas that correspond with water-saving plants. Even better: all Plant by Numbers plans are designed to work with the WaterSaver Coupon!

The first batch of Plant by Numbers designs — including curb appeal, pollinator garden and corner bed — will be available at SAWS Spring Bloom, March 11. Can’t make it? For PDFs of the designs and to learn more, go to

Still not convinced? Maybe you’re worried your homeowners association won’t allow you to make the changes you want for a water-saving landscape. Or you have questions or concerns about our design materials. Get in touch!

We want to work with you and your HOA to feel confident that a water-saving landscape is beautiful, resilient, and green.

Picture of Emma Jones
Emma Jones
Emma Jones is a former Planner for the SAWS Conservation Department. She has a background in plant ecology and has worked a variety of jobs including farmer, carpenter, and cheese monger. Growing up in the arid west gave her serious respect for water and the native plants that can thrive without it. In her spare time, Emma enjoys exploring the city on her bike, hiking in the hills, cooking up something spicy, and loud music of all kinds.
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