How to Make the Most of the WaterSaver Coupon

The WaterSaver coupon program is a great way to help you maximize your landscaping budget. Plan ahead and read these six tips before starting your project.

Whether you’re into extreme couponing, haggling at the flea market or shopping online for the best deals, most of us want to get the biggest bang for our dollar. The WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape coupons are a great way to help you do just that.

While the watersaver coupon will only cover a portion of your project, these tips will help you maximize the value.

  • First, think of the project as an investment in your home. Attractive and interesting landscaping adds value to your home. The least expensive options are not always the best options for your landscape.
  • Understanding your soil type and what plants grow best in your area is important for the project to be successful. Research your plant choices before going to the nursery by checking our find a plant section.
  • Shop around. Whether you’re doing the Patioscape or Landscape coupon, the selections and pricing at each participating vendor may vary.
  • When doing a Patioscape, consider splurging on a few decorative pieces of stone to create a focal point in your project and fill in with less expensive choices to complete the 200-square-foot space. Remember, the Patioscape coupon only covers the feature stones. It does not cover the base material or any filler for between the stones.

Making changes to your landscape can be costly even with a coupon to help offset some of the expense. But planning ahead and doing some legwork before getting started will help make your project successful and your coupon go farther.

Picture of Vickie Castilleja
Vickie Castilleja
Although no longer with SAWS Conservation, Vickie thoroughly enjoyed her time here learning all aspects of gardening and landscaping from her colleagues. She continues with her interests of vegetable gardening and the food-to-table movement.
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