Make the Most of Your $70 WaterSaver Coupon

We want to help you save water and money so we encourage you to combine your coupons whenever possible. Here’s a few ways to get the most water-saving bang for your bucks.

Saving you water and money are the goals of SAWS’ WaterSaver programs including the WaterSaver Rewards program.

The free points-based program is open to all SAWS residential water customers and earning rewards is as simple as attending attend a few approved events and/or workshops. The points you earn will get you a $30, $50 and $70 coupon to use toward a rain barrel, mulch and anything gardening related except fertilizer and herbicide or pesticide. Even if you decide you don’t need a rain barrel or mulch coupon, that $70 coupon alone is worth signing up for WaterSaver Rewards.

The best part: There’s no minimum purchase requirements and several vendors accept the coupons. While you do have to use the coupons in one transaction, there are ways to get the most water-saving bang for your $70 coupon bucks.

Rain Barrel Coupon Combo

We want to help you save water and money so we encourage you to combine your coupons whenever possible. Let’s say you hold onto your $30 rain barrel coupon and combine it with your $70 coupon — you can effectively cover the cost of a $90 rain barrel and still have some money left over for another accessory.

More Plants

We offer the Watersaver Landscape coupon, and it’s definitely the way to go if you’re removing grass, but if you aren’t or some of your favorite plants aren’t on the coupon-eligible plant list you can absolutely use the $70 coupon towards any plants your heart desires. Some people even use it to cover additional expenses from the landscape coupon.

Birds, Birds, Birds

Use the $70 coupon for bird seed, bird feeders or bird baths. I picked up a big bag of bird seed and a beautiful blue mason jar feeder made of glass and metal from one of our coupon vendors recently. It brings all the birds to my yard.

More Mulch

Just because you got the $50 mulch coupon doesn’t mean you can’t use the $70 coupon on more mulch! If you max out your eight WaterSaver Landscape Coupons you’ll probably want all the mulch you can get. And, mulch, soil and compost are all covered by the $70 coupon. You could even combine it with your $50 mulch coupon to help cover the delivery costs!

Sign up for Watersaver Rewards today, check out the calendar of events and start racking up those points.

Picture of Sarah Gorton
Sarah Gorton
Sarah Gorton is a Planner with the SAWS Conservation department. She is passionate about bats and native plants, with a particular fondness for horseherb! Sarah has completed certifications through Texas Master Naturalist and Native Plant Society. When she isn't working on her research on the use of native grasses for uptaking pollutants at UTSA, she can be found making stained glass or hanging out with her two Chihuahuas.
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