Keep Calm and Social On!

Staying connected while keeping your distance from friends and neighbors can be as simple as heading out your back door into the world of nature.

Are you a social butterfly whose wings have been temporarily clipped by the many cancelations and postponing of public events? Fear not!

There are many ways to stay social during this time of mandatory physical distancing. Start in your own backyard and neighborhood to find a world of activities to explore.

  • Converse with songbirds that hold choir practice every morning!
  • Gather with busy bees working on the new spring wildflowers.
  • Mingle with butterflies as they float about on sunny days.
  • Spy on whitetail deer in the woods along the linear creek trails.
  • Entertain squirrels with a peanut bar you create in your backyard.
  • Wave at your neighbors as you scope out landscaping ideas on your walk around the neighborhood.
  • Fraternize with Fritillaries butterflies and caterpillars on your passionflower.
  • Hobnob with hummingbirds dancing around your salvia and Turk’s cap.
  • Hang out with the moon and notice how it changes locations and phases each night.
  • Follow an ant trail to find their colony.
  • Make a date with sunset once a week.
  • Seek out spider webs and watch her go to work when someone wanders into her web.
  • Interact with the earth by walking barefoot in the backyard.
  • Chill out just watching the clouds roll by.
  • Channel your inner child and gather sticks, stones and shells to build a fairy house.
  • Dance with the fireflies, if you are lucky enough to know where they gather!
Picture of Gail Dugelby
Gail Dugelby
Gail Dugelby is a SAWS conservation consultant with deep roots in San Antonio and the Hill Country. She spent her youth climbing trees, playing in the Guadalupe River, and exploring the outdoors. This drives her passion for nature and our diverse environment, especially our most precious natural resource — water. Given the choice, she would be outside all the time.
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