If You Plant It They Will Come

The milder weather is magnificent motivation to make your garden more hummingbird friendly. And SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupons can help you provide the perfect habitat for these mini flying acrobats.

Did you know that planting nectar sources for animals such as hummingbirds is an incredibly effective tool for attracting them? That’s right folks, you can avoid the daily feeder maintenance if you have the right species planted in your yard.

Hummingbirds are attracted to tube-shaped flowers and knowing which species benefit them is key to a successful hummingbird garden. SAWS can help you provide the habitat for these iridescent critters with the WaterSaver Landscape Coupon.

Turks Capred yuccaMexican firebushvarious salviasflame acanthusMexican honeysuckleshrimp plantEsperanzarosemary and cenizo are all hummingbird magnets — and they’re all included in the coupon program!

Conventional methods of attracting hummingbirds involve hanging feeders and, most importantly, diligent maintenance of these feeders. Feeder maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure the health of these majestic acrobats, especially during the hot months in Texas.

Hummingbird feeders can potentially harbor pathogens, if not cared for properly, as they attract large numbers of birds. For example, if an unhealthy bird uses the feeder, there may be a transfer of either viruses or bacteria to other birds using that feeder. Think of this from a human perspective. Would you want to share a water bottle with everyone in your neighborhood

The benefits of feeding wildlife with their natural nectar sources are myriad:

  • You can enjoy them in your yard without the arduous maintenance of scrubbing feeders daily.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re providing them with natural, healthy nectar sources.
  • It’s fun to watch them feed as they flit from flower to flower sipping nectar.

This does not mean hummingbird feeders are undesirable, just be aware of the critical maintenance involved before you purchase one. Otherwise, the benefit you hope to provide for them could be detrimental.

Use the cooler weather as motivation to make your garden more hummingbird friendly and let SAWS help offset the cost with the WaterSaver Landscape Coupon!

Picture of Sarah Galvan
Sarah Galvan
Sarah Galvan has been passionate about gardening since she was a child. She’s an arborist, herbalist, Texas master naturalist, a former SAWS conservation consultant and holds native landscape certification. Galvan worked as a native landscape designer where she focused on supporting native bird and pollinator populations. When she’s not answering gardening questions or working on her biology degree, Galvan enjoys hiking, kayaking, bird and butterfly watching, and competing in plant identification competitions.
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