How to Care for your Trees in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to tend to your trees. Follow these simple TLC tips.

Although the winter season in San Antonio isn’t very distinct, it’s still necessary to give your trees preventive care to safeguard their health and longevity.


Winter allows us to see the structural details of the tree more clearly after the leaves fall. So this is the perfect time to prune away any anomalies the leaves had been camouflaging — like dead or damaged branches, or branches that rub together.

The other reason winter is the perfect time of year to prune and apply corrective measures and treatments is because the tree is somewhat dormant just like the harmful organisms and pathogens that could cause serious damage to the tree, such as oak wilt.

Some trees and shrubs require pruning in the winter to increase the production and quality of fruits and flowers. It’s good to research this first to ensure the tree’s reaction to the pruning is going to be what we intended.

Always consult an ISA arborist if you’re hiring out your tree care.


Another important task to help our trees this time of year is applying a layer of mulch — about two to three inches. The benefits of mulching your trees are numerous.

  • Mulch protects the tree against extreme temperatures in the winter, helping the roots maintain heat.
  • It maintains the necessary humidity; although the tree itself is sleeping, the roots continue to develop.
  • Prevents erosion and helps maintain fertile soil and nutrients where they’re needed the most.
  • Prevents the growth of undesirable weeds that compete with the tree for nutrients and water.

Follow these simple tips and your trees will thank you by providing lovely shade for many years to come, and cleaner air for generations.

Picture of David Abrego
David Abrego
David Abrego is a conservation consultant for SAWS. David, a native of Panama, likes to spend his time surrounded by plants and fruit trees. So if you can’t find him at home, he’s probably working in a greenhouse. David is also an arborist and an irrigation technician.
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