Great Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

We all have that one individual in our lives who’s hard to shop for during the Christmas season. Why not give them the gift of gardening?

Be it our mother, brother, aunt, uncle or a friend, we all have that one individual in our lives who’s hard to shop for during the Christmas season. If said person is a gardener or you just need a last-second gift idea, you’re in luck.

I have a few ideas that will not only make shopping easy for you, but also make you the best gift-giver on Christmas morning. Many of these gift ideas can be found at your local hardware store or nursery, home improvement warehouses or even online.

For the involved gardener

garden or soil knife is a handy, lightweight multipurpose tool that can be used in the yard or garden anytime. These knives have inch markings on the blade to help you bury your plants and bulbs at just the right depth. It also has a serrated edge for when you need to cut twine, plant ties or a small root that’s creeping up into your garden or flower bed.

For the Earth-lover

An indoor composting bin is a gift they can use every day of the year and it keeps on giving! These little producers of compost will take much of your organic food material and turn it into compost for plants or gardens. Compost adds nutrients to your soil, increases the water-holding ability and encourages beneficial bacteria your plants need to grow.

For the gardening newbie

Think simple and basic. A good pair of gloves, bags of flower seeds, small garden shovel and a book on gardening makes a fantastic gift for someone who’s just discovering their green thumb.

For the nature-lover

Bees!!! Well, not exactly bees, but a home to attract them. Since bees are natural pollinators (and in crisis), we can do our part by giving them a safe place to live and reproduce. This will prevent them from colonizing between walls or near your home, keeping them a safe distance from you and your family. It’s a win-win, bees get a home and we get their help pollinating our gardens and flowers.

Other great gardening gifts include a small xerophytic plant or succulent/cactus garden, an irrigation timer for the person who can’t remember to water, or even a nice sun hat.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, there’s always the trusty gift card to their favorite hardware store or nursey.

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