Grass Giving Up? Break New Ground!

If your lawn’s gone crispy and sparse, it’s a desperate cry for help. That sounds like a job for the WaterSaver Landscape Coupon!

Turfgrass is the default filler in most San Antonio landscapes, which were traditionally set up to have a small flower bed by the door and an expansive lawn occupying the remaining space. But that’s not necessarily the best idea going forward.

In fact, your lawn will let you know that it is not well suited to this idea — and that it’s better off being replaced with drought-hardy options using our WaterSaver Landscape Coupon.

One sure sign of a struggling lawn is St. Augustine grass with “crispy edges” where the sun bakes or full-sun Bermuda grass with edges or patches struggling to survive in thinner soil. These are dead giveaways that you’re attempting to grow grass in sub-optimal conditions. Luckily there are bullet-proof plants that are much better suited to these locations like damianita and blackfoot daisy. Both can take the heat and look great doing it.

turfgrass-gardenAlso common are suddenly shady spots where trees have matured. Before you go trimming your trees to let more light through, know that there are many plants that would thrive in shady locations. Creating a landscape bed under a mature tree prevents soil loss. That means healthier trees with fewer exposed roots. Plants like scarlet sage or Turk’s cap love the shade and have the added bonus of attracting hummingbirds. I’d like to see thinning turf do that!

No matter what your issue is with growing grass, don’t be held back by the idea that it needs to stay that way. When grass thins or browns, it’s telling you it’s not happy. And that’s the perfect opportunity to make the switch to less high-maintenance, drought-hardy plants!

Check out our coupon-eligible plant list, which you can filter by size, sunlight requirements, and more. Then envision the possibilities for a new, more appealing and drought tolerant landscape.

Picture of Cleveland Powell
Cleveland Powell
Cleveland Powell is a conservation planner for SAWS. He is enthusiastic about grass taxonomy and milkweed propagation. In his free time, Powell enjoys hiking around area parks in search of intriguing bugs, birds and plants.
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