Fix a Leak week is March 20-26

Learn how to detect and fix simple household leaks before they become high water bills — and earn WaterSaver Rewards in the process.

Minor water leaks like running toilets, dripping faucets and broken irrigation account for a trillion gallons of wasted water every year in the U.S.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Fix a Leak week aims to help you detect and fix easy household leaks before they become high water bills.

This year SAWS is partnering with Houston Public Works, Dallas Water Utilities, Fort Worth Water, the City of Frisco, North Texas Municipal Water District, and Tarrant Regional Water District to present virtual classes on leak repair with industry professionals.

These webinars are free and eligible for WaterSaver Rewards!

  • Indoor leak repair
    Tuesday, March 21
    6-7 p.m.
    Sign up here.
  • Outdoor leak repair
    Thursday, March 23
    6-7 p.m.
    Sign up here.

If you’re getting ready to test your irrigation system for summer or if wondering if you really hear water running, you don’t want to miss these webinars.

Both include expert advice on how to detect leaks, what tools you need to perform simple repairs, and live Q&As with plumbers and irrigators, including SAWS’ own irrigation consultants.

Can’t join the webinars? Check out resources for detecting leaks and making minor repairs.

Picture of Brad Wier
Brad Wier
Brad Wier is a SAWS conservation planner. Years in South Texas landscaping and public horticulture gave him a lasting enthusiasm for native plants that don’t die when sprinklers -- and gardeners -- break down. He’d rather save time and water for kayaking and tubing. He is a former kilt model, and hears hummingbirds.
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