Coupon Makeover: Urban Backyard Oasis

Newly built homes typically have teeny tiny patios that aren’t very inviting. But WaterSaver Coupons can help you create an alluring outdoor living space you’ll want to hang out in every day.

It can be a real struggle to know how or where to start your landscape makeover. Having a plan before you begin can help you visualize the entire space, either project by project or coupon by coupon.

Well you’re in luck as I’ve created a design plan for a full backyard makeover combining WaterSaver Landscape and WaterSaver Patioscape coupons. If you like a modern, clean look, this design might just be what you’re looking for.

urban oasis blue print

This design uses two WaterSaver PatioScape coupons and three WaterSaver Landscape coupons. It includes the addition of a 400-square-foot patioscape and the elimination of more than 600 square feet of thirsty turf grass, replaced with clean, modern garden beds. The featured design adds a useful patio area to grill and entertain, with the added bonus of being surrounded by small trees and plants to provide privacy and a noise buffer, as well as beauty while you entertain guests in your new outdoor living room.

The key to pulling off the modern look in this design is symmetry and repetition. You’ll notice the plant palette is relatively small and the plants are repeated symmetrically around the entire yard. There are only six plant species and 45 total plants in this design. Another key feature of this design is the primarily evergreen plant palette. So in addition to privacy, this design will look great year-round!

Other than occasional tree pruning, regular weeding is the only maintenance. And you may want to divide the irises every few years. The best part: this landscape requires only hand-watering as needed. That’s right — no irrigation system necessary.

Of course, if you do have an in-ground irrigation system, be sure to schedule your free irrigation consultation BEFORE you begin your project. You may even be eligible for an additional rebate.

With this design makeover, you’ll not only be the envy of your neighbors, but you’ll also have a lower water bill. But be prepared — everyone will want to hang out at your place!

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