Vinca ‘Cora’

Catharanthus roseus

Periwinkle, Vinca 'Cora'

About This Plant

Full sun; a warm-season bedding plant, with a trailing habit and summer blooms in shades of pink, rose and white. Plant in May to have it well established before summer heat. ‘Cora’ is considered resistant to the aerial Phytophthora fungus which had previously limited the use of annual vinca in Texas. ‘Vinca’ here refers to the South African Catharanthus species, which is actually endangered in its native range. Confusingly, the same term — Vinca — is also for the purple-flowered Vinca minor, a weedlike Mediterranean vine that gets out-of-control and invasive in local landscapes.

Origins: Madagascar


Plant bedding plants before the end of May to establish by summer without fungal problems. Avoid frequent over-watering, allow to dry out in between waterings, and provide well-drained soil.

An easy-to-grow annual with bright, eye-catching flowers suitable for massing.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 12 inches'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 10 inches'

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