Thornless Mesquite

Prosopis alba x chilensis

Chilean Mesquite

About This Plant

Sun or dappled shade. Semi-evergreen. In trials around San Antonio, this South American mesquite has proven cold hardy to at least 15 degrees. Fairly fast growing, this species can be expected to eventually grow larger than the native honey mesquites — up to 30′ tall and wide — but there are few local examples of this size. Under typical lawn irrigation, it grows a dense canopy from a very limited root system — potentially outgrowing its roots and toppling over. To avoid this, make an effort to establish a strong root system (see Maintenance.)

Origins: Hybrid, South America


During establishment, water deeply and infrequently in spring and summer. Pruning during the growing season (of not more than 20% of the canopy) can encourage root growth proportional to the canopy.

A South American mesquite with a heavy lush canopy.

Min. Height: 12'

Max Height: 30 feet'

Min. Width: 20'

Max Width: 30 feet'

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