Texas Star

Sabatia campestris

Meadow Pink, Prairie Rose-gentian

About This Plant

Prefers well-drained soils in a variety of light situations. Texas-star or prairie rose-gentian is a smooth annual plant, to 20 in., with slender, widely spaced branches. The 2 in. flower is five-petaled and pink with a yellow center. The showy flowers occur at ends of branches and on long axillary stalks. Opposite leaves clasp the stems. Sow seed as soon as it is ripe in late summer or early autumn in sand or loam. Best with summer water when blooming. Once started, will self sow and develop into large colonies of pink stars. Meadow Pink usually forms large colonies by readily self-seeding.

Origins: Southern US


Collect seeds to sow in late summer.

This fragrant wildflower makes any flower garden extra special.

Min. Height: 1'

Max Height: 1.5 feet'

Min. Width: 1'

Max Width: 1.5 feet'

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