Summer Snapdragon

Angelonia angustifolia

Summer Snapdragon; Angelonia

About This Plant

Partial shade or bright shade. A warm-season perennial in Zones 8-11 with fragrant narrow leaves and 8-inch flower spikes in shades of pink and lavender; the orchid-like “faces” are great for kids. Short stature makes angelonia a natural bedding plant; plant 9-12 inches apart for masses of color. The flower stalks make good cut flowers. Angelonia is not preferred by deer.

Origins: Mexico and West Indies


Plant in April or May for summer color; pinch back the tallest flower spikes to encourage denser growth. Angelonia can be fairly drought tolerant, but like any summer bedding plant, it will need to be watered to establish. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

A summer bedding plant for bright shade.

Min. Height: 1'

Max Height: 2 feet'

Min. Width: 12 inches'

Max Width: 1.5 feet'

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