Queen’s Crown

Antigonon leptopus

Mexican Creeper, Bee Bush, Coral Vine, San Miguel Vine

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; deciduous. A vigorous and aggressive climber, easily swallowing up fences, telephone poles, and buildings by the end of summer. It turns to dust after the first freeze but returns easily from underground tubers. Heart-shaped leaves and cascades of pink blooms in summer and autumn resemble redbud, but with a much longer bloom season. Queen’s Crown is an old-fashioned favorite and lends a romantic zest to autumn days wherever it is established. The seeds were once eaten like popcorn by Native Americans. Don’t place it near smaller perennials or native plants or it will swiftly overwhelm them; it can engulf entire trees.

Origins: Mexico


Although effective as a fence cover during the warm season, Queen’s Crown drops all its leaves in winter.

Cascades of rosy pink blooms in late summer and autumn.

Min. Height: 30'

Max Height: 40 feet'

Min. Width: 12'

Max Width: 20 feet'

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