Papaver x

Bunseed Poppy

About This Plant

Sun. A cool-season annual blooming in March. The blue leaves spring up like wildflowers during December and January, growing swiftly to 3′ in spring. The leaves resemble dandelion, but without spiny thistles. Nodding flower buds pop upright just before blooming in spectacular scarlet and purple colors, usually around the end of March. Poppies reseed freely, especially after a wet winter. They can spread out of control in an irrigated setting and even among native wildflowers.

Origins: Asia


Some effort may be required to contain the rampant seedlings that emerge in late winter; they may easily be mistaken for dandelions but the blue color helps identify them. Don’t be shy about weeding extra volunteers. Poppy usually goes to seed before mid-April.

An old-fashioned favorite, and a lovely addition to the spring garden.

Min. Height: 1'

Max Height: 3 feet'

Min. Width: 0.5'

Max Width: 1 foot'

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