Montezuma Cypress

Taxodium mucronatum


About This Plant

Sun. A semi-evergreen conifer. Considerably larger and faster-growing than bald cypress. Though it prefers marshes or riparian sites in the wild, it can adapt to dry upland locations, streets, and parks, and endures drought better than its cousin. It produces no cypress “knees.” Montezuma cypress is one of the largest-girthed trees in the world — meaning the trunk grows very large.

Origins: Mexico; a rare Texas native in the Rio Grande Valley.


Montezuma cypress grows fast, and it grows quite tall. Plan on pruning in winter every five years, and spot pruning as needed during the growing season. Pruning cuts should only be made at a bud or branch, and mostly just to remove dead, damaged, or rubbing branches. As with any tree, remove no more than 25% of the canopy during any five-year cycle. Leave the upper 2/3 of the tree’s crown uncut to maintain a healthy specimen, never removing more than the lowest third of the tree in a single pruning period. Mulch with about 2” of woodchips or pine bark wherever possible. In general, a tree’s mulched area should be a minimum of six feet.

Fast-growing and drought-tolerant, with a weeping canopy.

Min. Height: 50'

Max Height: 60 feet'

Min. Width: 35'

Max Width: 50 feet'

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