Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta

Mexican Washingtonia

About This Plant

Full sun. A desert fan palm, made most famous by its use on the boulevards of Southern California. It’s much taller and slimmer than the similar California Fan Palm, and much more drought tolerant. It can be distinguished from similar species by the tendency of its drooping leaves to remain green about the skirt. As its desert heritage implies, Mexican fan palm is not tolerant of subfreezing temperatures, especially when combined with ice; dead robustas can be found after record freezes in San Antonio. (Allowing the shaggy skirt of leaves to remain around the trunk may help insulate the trunk, but it’s difficult to protect the crown.)

Origins: Baja California


Good drainage required. Reseeds readily in garden settings. Skirts of dead leaves can be pruned, but teeth on the branch petioles require careful handling of the leaves.

A tall, fast-growing desert palm that suffers damage in severe freezes.

Min. Height: 80'

Max Height: 100 feet'

Min. Width: 10'

Max Width: 15 feet'

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