Fairy Duster

Calliandra eriophylla x californica

'Sierra Star' Fairy Duster

About This Plant

Full scorching summer sun; semi-evergreen in warm winters (below 20-25 degrees it will die back to the roots). A dense, woody shrub with velvety fernlike leaves and profuse red puff blooms throughout the warm season. Excellent in xeriscapes, rock gardens, and around reflected heat. ‘Sierra Star’ is a recent hybrid of two western calliandras that has performed well in local settings; the roots grow slowly on their own, so expect some supplemental irrigation to establish it the first summer. The red blooms and soft shape make a nice contrast for paler and more strongly formed desert plants.

Origins: Hybrid


Light grooming and shaping, and additional irrigation to establish.

A western subshrub with showy mimosa flowers.

Min. Height: 4'

Max Height: 5 feet'

Min. Width: 4'

Max Width: 5 feet'

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