Caribbean Agave

Agave angustifolia var. marginata

Agave; Caribbean Agave; Narrowleaf Agave

About This Plant

Full sun to part shade. An attractive small or mid-sized agave with creamy margins along the leaves. It tolerates moisture fairly well, but not temperatures below 24 degrees; expect some dieback in extreme winters. In a protected setting it can grow to large size. Agave normally blooms only at the end of its life cycle, when the flowers may attract hummingbirds. Although deer don’t graze on agave, they may be attracted to it as a scratching post for rubbing velvet.

Origins: Mexico, Central America


Clip leaf spines if there’s a hazard to pedestrians or kids. Handle with caution.

An attractive agave with a compact form and smooth, tailored leaves.

Min. Height: 18'

Max Height: 24 inches'

Min. Width: 18'

Max Width: 24 inches'

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