Byzantine Gladiolus

Gladiolus communis byzantinus

Glads, Corn Flags

About This Plant

Sun to partial sun, with narrow iris-like foliage. Bright magenta or fuschia blossoms appear with the first hot weather in mid spring or early summer. Byzantine glads are a hardy bulb often recommended for southern gardens. The roots can handle very dry conditions. Without supplemental water the foliage will wither by summer, like any wildflower; but it returns even stronger the next year. Bulbs persist without any attention at old homesteads and gravesides; in a well-watered garden setting, they tend to multiply. Byzantine glads may be difficult to find outside of specialty bulb stores, though many short-lived hybrid lookalikes are sold. It’s worth the trouble to find a reputable source for the corms.

Origins: Mediterranean


Plant corms in autumn; swordlike foliage emerges in spring, with bloom by April. Staking is often used to keep the flowers upright. Cut back after leaves wither in hot weather. Watering may keep it green for longer, but plants can be allowed to go dormant in summer.

A lovely spring bulb with bright magenta blossoms.

Min. Height: 18'

Max Height: 24 inches'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 3 feet'

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