Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

Mossy Cup Oak; Overcup Oak; Burr Oak

About This Plant

Sun. Deciduous, with deeply lobed leaves and fist-sized acorns — typically the largest by far of any oak species. Bur oak is a terrific shade tree, growing up to 100 feet; it is also mostly indifferent as to soil type and, in the white oak subgroup, boasts some resistance to oak wilt. However it is considered slow-growing, even for an oak.

Origins: Eastern and central North America.


Maintenance includes cleanup of tassels, acorns and leaf litter. To prevent the chance of oak wilt, prune bur oak only in winter, and paint any wounds immediately. (Pruning is always optional.)

A large-growing oak with fist-sized acorns. Well-adapted to clay soils.

Min. Height: 72'

Max Height: 100 feet'

Min. Width: 32'

Max Width: 72 feet'

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