Blue Shrub Sage

Salvia ballotiflora

Salvia; Shrubby Blue Sage; Mejorana; Engorda-cabra

About This Plant

Sun to partial shade. A deciduous and mostly inconspicuous native sage with an open branching habit. Leaves and flowers are both edible. It’s not at all common in the nursery trade, but ubiquitous in brush piles underneath cenizo and other south Texas shrubs where it shapes itself to whatever conditions it finds. Use shrub sage to bulk up any native planting, especially in unwatered dry or thin soils. Touch it up as needed to maintain an attractive form. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies when in bloom, and provides refuge for small mammals.

Origins: Northern Mexico and gulf prairies; common in sandy soils south of San Antonio.


Light grooming or training improves the aesthetic appeal. Cut back in winter or very early spring if you prefer a denser form.

The wild South Texas shrub sage.

Min. Height: 4'

Max Height: 6 feet'

Min. Width: 4'

Max Width: 6 feet'

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