Australian Senna

Senna artemisioides

Australian Senna; Desert Cassia

About This Plant

Sun or partial shade. Evergreen, with soft needle-like or skeleton-leaf foliage. It prefers dry, well-drained sites. Small, buttercup-yellow flowers cover plants from winter to spring, especially in sun. Eventually plants become somewhat twiggy. A showy Australian native, Desert cassia is a fairly recent introduction to local horticulture; it is a bit early to judge how it will behave in south-central Texas over the long term, but it survived 18 degrees at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio. Several types are seen in cultivation, including a version with pale, blunt-tipped silver leaves.

Origins: Australia


Prune to shape if needed. Don’t overwater. Remove seedlings that occur, as this is not a native plant.

A fine-textured evergreen senna.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 6 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 6 feet'

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