Asiatic Jasmine

Trachelospermum asiaticum

Asian Jasmine; Jazmin asiatico; Teika-Kazura

About This Plant

Sun/shade; evergreen and low-growing, eventually forming a dense twining groundcover that makes a nice alternative to grass. Asiatic jasmine is typically used around live oaks where it’s too dark to grow grass. Slow to establish, it forms a fairly permanent fixture in the shaded landscape. In full sun, however, it may decline without regular care. Grooming is performed by hedging during the growing season; if needed, in late winter, it can be mowed down to 4 inches to restart the foliage; raise the blades to the highest setting (and watch for sprinkler heads).

Origins: East Asia


Grooming and watering. May be hedged during the growing season. Can be mowed down to 4″ in late winter.

Evergreen, adaptable, and a classic alternative for grass in shade.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 24 inches'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 10 inches'

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