Whet Your Holiday Appetite With Delicious Landscape Desires

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While you’re digesting your outdoor, safely distanced Thanksgiving feast, grab a pencil and jot down some ideas for an alfresco living space or garden bed.

If you’re not cooking for family this Thanksgiving, what are you doing with all that free time? If you don’t have any plans, you could sit down with a pencil and paper and jot down some landscape design plans! 

While there aren’t any coupons available right now, you could design the area you want to revamp in preparation for the next round of coupons. Maybe there’s a section of your yard that needs some extra attention with an outdoor living space or a garden bed of plants. Take notice if the area is particularly sunny or shady — this will factor into your landscape design plan. 

Remember: our coupons require you to remove 200 square feet of grass. So that’s your starting point. If there’s in-ground irrigation in that area, you’ll need to cap a few heads — or maybe the whole zone — depending on how much space you need. 

Just remember, don’t make any changes to the irrigation system until you have an irrigation consultation. As always, you can combine the patioscape and landscape coupons to get the maximum benefit. 

This is the best time to start planning the landscape oasis you’ve been dreaming about. 

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