Top Ten Reasons NOT to Change Your Irrigation Controller

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Past multi-year droughts with once-a-week watering requirements, as well as our extensive horticultural knowledge has shown that landscapes in San Antonio need no more than once-a-week watering. Your SAWS Conservation staff recommends only once-a-week and only during the hottest part of the year when it has not rained. As a bonus, if we maintain our once-a-week schedules over the course of the year, we may be able to stay out of drought restrictions for a considerable time. Of course, flagrant watering would likely return us to restrictions.

But, there are other reasons not to change the irrigation schedule on our controllers. With respect and homage to Mr. Letterman, here’s our list of top ten reasons NOT to change the schedule on your irrigation controller:

10. You’ve got to find the controller first.

9.  The garage is too hot.

8.  Have to move the ladder, bicycles, wheelbarrow, Big Wheel, etc. out of the way.

7.  Now, which buttons do I push again?

6.  Can’t find my glasses.

5.  Honey! The instruction manual is missing.

4.  Almost double the historic average rainfall over the last 7 months.

3.  Plants are obviously happy… why bother them?

2.  What! Encourage more mosquitoes?

And the No. 1 reason not to change the schedule on your irrigation controller…

  1. A SAWS conservation consultant just set it for me, why would I change it?

 Leave the controller alone. You’ll have more time this summer to relax, barbecue and watch sports. Your landscape and checkbook will thank you.

And if you haven’t had a visit from a conservation consultant, give us a call at 210-704-7283 (SAVE) or e-mail us to schedule a consultation.

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