The Glorious Garden: A Tree’s Perspective

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Lush, lovely gardens brimming with intoxicating fragrance and foliage aren’t just mere fables. Join our conservation consultant David Abrego as he explores a real-life fantasy garden.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful garden — it was like something out of a fairy tale. But this was no fantasy garden. This was very real and right here in San Antonio.

Every tree occupied its own space, with strong and powerful branches extended and enjoying the warm morning sun. The shrubs and other plants boasted colorful blooms and filled the atmosphere with a thousand different hues and fragrances.

As I was basking in the splendor of the garden, I heard a voice. It was coming from one of the magnificent trees…

“Much care was taken to plant me in just the right place, in deep rich soil and a wide open space fully exposed to the sunlight,” declared the towering tree. Its stately branches swayed gently in the breeze.

The magnificent specimen continued, recounting how thoughtful planting complete with two inches of mulch spread around — but not up against — its trunk to retain moisture and encourage healthy roots. Little by little and only as needed, the tree was irrigated regularly until it was established.

Now, the tree stands tall, giving shelter to wildlife and providing a buffer from noise. About every three years, arboriculture specialists prune to remove dead, damaged, diseased and rubbing branches.

Next week, join me as I visit with another member of this glorious garden.

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