Welcome Back, WaterSaver Landscape Coupons!

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Liven up your landscape with SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupons – available March 1!

The spring season is always a welcome relief, especially after a long, dry winter. If you find yourself inspired to make changes to your landscape, there’s no better way to accomplish that than with WaterSaver Coupons!

Beginning March 1, SAWS residential customers may apply for up to four $100 WaterSaver coupons to replace part of the water-guzzling grass in your landscape with lush, drought-tolerant garden beds. That’s a whopping $400 in savings!

Make your landscape dreams a reality with radiant plants like salvia, mistflower, cenizo and this region’s stalwart, mountain laurel and much, much more. Once established these water-efficient plants will not only look great year-round, but also help you conserve water and save money on your water bill.

WaterSaver Landscape flower bed

Each coupon is intended to cover only a portion of the cost of the plants. Combine them with WaterSaver Rewards coupons to help cover costs and create an inviting outdoor living space.

For each coupon, you must remove at least 200 square feet of grass — it’s the single most water-demanding element in a residential landscape. You must also cap any irrigation heads in the area where you install beds.

By doing so, you may also qualify for our residential irrigation design rebate, which may further lower the cost of your outdoor project. If you have an automatic irrigation system, contact us to schedule a free no-contact irrigation consultation for possible additional rewards.

Learn more about the WaterSaver Coupons and apply online now!

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