Protect San Antonio’s water: Always dispose of pesticides properly

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Avoid the perils of pesticides and herbicides and consider organic or natural pest control methods instead.

Pesticides and herbicides can be a convenient way to protect plants from pests and weeds. But when used or discarded incorrectly, these chemicals pose great risks not only to our ecosystem and wildlife, but also to our water, soil, air and human health.

The best way to avoid the perils of pesticides and herbicides is to stop using them altogether. But if you must use them:yucky herbicide pesticide draining into sa river

  • Always carefully read the product label and follow the disposal instructions exactly.
  • Only purchase what you need and use it until it’s gone to avoid leftovers.
  • Never discard these items in your trash bin for regular collection.
  • Don’t ever pour them down sink drains, toilets or storm drains.

Pesticides and herbicides must be disposed of properly at a household hazardous waste site. For a schedule of monthly drop-off events, visit

Consider using organic or natural pest control methods, such as integrated pest management techniques to reduce reliance on pesticides and herbicides.

You play a huge role in protecting our water and environment. It all starts by sustainably managing your own little patch of Texas.

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