Prep Your Pipes for Winter and Get a $75 Rebate

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Every house is different. A licensed plumber can help identify leak risks that may not be so obvious.

Winter is fast approaching, and we want to help keep you from being left out in the cold — with a whopping water bill in hand.

SAWS is offering the Be Ready rebate. Residential customers can earn a $75 rebate when they hire a licensed plumber to check their homes for leaks and opportunities to winterize plumbing.

Protecting pipes from freezing temperatures can be as simple as wrapping them up in old towels. But since every house is different, a licensed plumber can help identify risks that may not be so obvious. This may include:

  • Installing valves to shut off water in an emergency.
  • Insulating exposed pipes under pier-and- beam houses, in crawl spaces or other locations.
  • Identifying if water heaters, washing machines, water softeners or water lines are vulnerable to a freeze.

To qualify for the $75 rebate, customers must:

Once all rebate requirements are met, a $75 credit will be applied to the customer’s water bill. The offer is limited to the first 2,000 qualified customers. Full program details and a list of FAQs are available here.

Bonus tip: follow the plumber around as they work and ask questions. This will help you better understand your home should an issue arise in the future.

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