Texas Red Oak

Texas Red Oak

Quercus buckleyi
Quercus buckleyi
Texas Red Oak , Buckley Oak, Spanish Oak; Rock Oak
Texas Native

55 feet

60 feet
  • Central Texas
  • Texas
  • Full Sun
  • Part Sun/Shade
  • Low
  • Birds

About This Plant

Sun/partial shade; deciduous, with vibrant red color in autumn. It is smaller and more multi-trunked than the similar Shumard red oak. In the wild, Texas red oak is a species of north-facing (cooler) Hill Country slopes, although it is adaptable and can tolerate scorch. Like any big tree, it is very valuable to wildlife.


Oaks produce tassles, acorns and heavy leaf litter; expect year-round cleanup.

Red oaks are very badly affected by oak wilt, and they produce fungal mats that spread the infection. Beware of a tree that begins dropping leaves in springtime; it usually dies within 4-6 weeks of the first symptoms. Oak wilt is most easily transferred in spring when the beetles that transmit it are active. To prevent it, NEVER PRUNE IN SPRINGTIME — preferably only in winter — and remember to paint pruning wounds and clean tools after each tree.


Plant Type:
Large Tree
50-55' H, 45-60' W
Sunlight Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade
Soil Types:
Clay, Thin
Birds, Butterfly Larvae
Flower Color:
Green, White
Bloom Time:
Freeze Hardy:
Coupon Eligible:

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