Patioscape Pit Stop

lisa spears

A fire pit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This one is functional and frugal — and it gives new life to an old charcoal grill. S’mores anyone?

This fire pit was so easy to build and at only $40 total in materials cost, it was very economical to build.

You’ll need:

  • Lid or base of an old charcoal grill
  • Eight 3-inch tree rings
  • Quick set cement
  • Volcanic rock or rock of your choice

Pick a location that is free and clear of debris or plant material; we placed ours on top of a brick patio. Remember: it’s going to get hot so whatever is underneath must be able to withstand the heat.


Form the first layer of tree rings; these have grooves on the ends so they fit together nicely. Apply cement to attach them to each other. Next, form another ring on top of the first. Be sure to follow the instructions on the cement label and distribute the cement evenly across each scalloped edge. A word of caution: sometimes quick cement dries more rapidly than the label suggests, so be prepared to work quickly.

Once the outside is finished position the grill in the center; we didn’t remove the handle for the lid, so we placed two bricks down side by side, creating a cradle for the handgrip to sit in.

Finish by backfilling with rock or lava rock.

Now it’s ready for a roaring fire! Get s’more out of it by adding graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate!


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