Last call for WaterSaver Coupons

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Fall is a great time to admire and enjoy your outdoor space. Deadline to apply for WaterSaver Coupons is Oct. 15!

So you got caught up dreaming about your outdoor oasis … make your dreams come true now — apply for the WaterSaver Landscape Coupons by Oct. 15!

Coupons won’t cover the entire cost of all the materials needed to complete your project. Determine a budget you can work with and prepare a landscape plan with the coupons in mind. Then, follow the “How it works” steps to the letter and make a beeline to the nursery as many are in short supply of the most attractive perennials.

You have until Nov. 15 to redeem your coupons and get your plants in the ground.

Of course, you can also take advantage of the Outdoor Living Rebate, which is available year-round. Apply anytime to convert part of your lawn into a beautiful, functional outdoor living space. This rebate helps cover the cost of a wooden deck or hardscape feature made of flagstone, stepping stones or pavers, or a combination of both.

Consider removing your water, money, and time-consuming lawn for a lovely deck or patio and a bed full of attractive, pollinator plants that benefit your well-being and the environment too.

Fall is a great time to admire and enjoy your outdoor space.

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