Create Your Own WaterSaver Landscape

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Want to transform your landscape, but don’t have a clue how to begin? The WaterSaver Landscape Design School is for you!

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have a lush landscape bursting with color and texture — and still save water. What? You don’t know where to start?

Lucky for you, there’s an interactive and informative workshop to help you plan and complete a garden design that actually works.

At $30 per person or $50 per household, the WaterSaver Landscape Design School is a bargain! You get presentations on xeriscaping, design, improving soil and plant selection; one-on-one idea consultations; and multiple full-color plant and landscape guides.

The workshop will be from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, March 7 at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. Space is limited — register as soon as possible. The workshop fills up fast so don’t wait!

Click here for more information and to register for the class.

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