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Vines are the perfect plants to soften the look of garden structures like pergolas, walls or frames.

If you want to soften the look of garden structures like pergolas, walls or frames, or if you simply want to create privacy or shade, vines are the perfect plants to give that unique touch.

Vine Structure

Vines adhere to a form and climb in different ways, depending on the species. Some use their roots to cling to a surface; fig vine, English ivy, Virginia creeper and trumpet vine are all commonly used for climbing walls.

Others use their stems as a trunk and require a structure to wrap their shoots around: Confederate jasmine, coral vine, grape, flame vine and, of course, wisteria are all suitable for trellises.

Always remember the first years will be critical. You must first get the new plant established and then devise guides to help the vine fill the new structure. Planting vines three feet apart from one another is recommended to avoid tangling.

Before choosing any plant, always take into account factors such as soil type, temperature, sun and shade, and of course the aesthetic. Also, decide what characteristics you’re desiring — foliage, flowers or fragrance. Knowing the nature of the plant and understanding its needs makes it easier to obtain the desired objective.

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