Improve Your Irrigation System’s Efficiency

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Did you know making retrofits to your sprinkler system can translate to significant water savings? It all starts with a free irrigation consultation from SAWS!

We all know swapping out a traditional light bulb with an LED bulb yields incredible energy savings. But did you know making retrofits to your sprinkler system can translate to significant water savings?

SAWS’ Residential Irrigation Design Rebate and Commercial Irrigation Design Rebates have something for everyone. If you want to retire your old tired water guzzling automatic sprinkler system — we have a rebate for you. If you want to retire only part of your irrigation system and/or make the rest of it more efficient with better equipment, we have a rebate for you, too!

Improve your irrigation system (or get rid of it altogether) using our Residential Irrigation Design Rebate.

  1. Consultation — It all starts with a FREE irrigation consultationSchedule online or call 210-704-SAVE before any work begins. SAWS conservation consultants can help you program your irrigation controller correctly and recommend other programs or incentives for additional savings.
  2. Transformation — Have a licensed irrigation professional implement the recommended SAWS irrigation consultation changes. In my experience, the best transformations with the biggest efficiency improvements are always done by licensed irrigators. All of us carry irrigation licenses so never be afraid to ask to see one or do a quick license search online.
  3. Inspection – Call us back at 704-SAVE or send us an email to book your final inspection.

Even if your irrigation system is brand new, book your free consultation. Even the best systems waste a lot of water if they’re not programmed correctly. Proper programming is essential if you want to stay on top of your water bill.

Wait for your nice big check to come in the mail — yes, the rebate is actually a check, not a credit on your SAWS water bill. While you’re waiting, plan how you’ll spend your money

Many customers use their funds to transform their landscape with drought-hardy plants, and some enterprising homeowners will combine the rebate with the WaterSaver Landscape Coupon Program, potentially earning them several hundred dollars worth of coupons for plants and/or towards a pervious patio. The options are endless. Book your free consultation today!

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