Hike Up That Hill Country Charm

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It’s a common sight in a Hill Country landscape — a Texas-sized limestone boulder at the end of the drive. Learn how to make it work for you to create more curb appeal!

As a landscape designer planning landscapes on the rocks in the Texas Hill Country, it became clear there are certain things we just do in Texas. You know, like hanging a Lone Star or “Don’t mess with Texas” sign on the house.

Another common Hill Country sight is a Texas-sized limestone boulder at the end of the drive with the address on it. When visiting a design client, this was often an area they wanted to transform and create more curb appeal. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

A popular driveway design in the Hill Country is the half-moon shape. This design allows for the preservation of a grove of native trees in front of the home to create shade and a welcoming, more established Hill Country look.

Using these bones as a starting point, add understory trees, plants, mulch and lighting to illuminate the house number at night for a high-end look and voilà! You have yourself a showpiece! It looks great and it’s a project you can tackle yourself. All it takes is a little planning and the right plant selection.

When selecting your plants, learn from nature. Go for a walk at Phil Hardberger Park and take note of what understory trees like being under the oaks. I’ll give you a hint: possumhaw holly, Mexican buckeye, Texas mountain laurel, mealy blue sage and softleaf yucca. Here’s a sample design to get you started!

Use our bed design or customize your own.

Learning from nature and the natural areas around you and applying that knowledge to your design helps ensure design success. Why reinvent the wheel? Nature does a lot better job than we do!

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