Got Your Coupons Yet?

Juan Soulas

Grass is the most water-demanding, labor-intensive part of your landscape. Lucky for you, this is the ideal time to get rid of it! Our WaterSaver Coupons will help you replace it with dazzling drought-tolerant plants or patioscape.

How many times have you mowed or watered your lawn this year? Tired of maintaining and watering it yet? Grass is the single most water-demanding and labor intensive part of the residential landscape. This is the perfect time of year to get rid of that labor and money intensive lawn and free up some time to enjoy your landscape instead.

Our WaterSaver Landscape and WaterSaver Patioscape coupons will help you replace the grass with drought-hardy flowering and evergreen plants or pavers for a patio, or both!

However, the deadline to apply for both coupons is rapidly approaching. The application deadline is Oct. 15. Customers with automatic irrigation systems must call 704-SAVE (7283) or email us for a free irrigation consultation before receiving their coupons.

By combining coupons, you have the flexibility to design the outdoor space you’ve always imagined while making attractive, smart water-saving changes.

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