Fruit Trees for San Antonio

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Fruit & Nut Trees: Add a little flavor to your flora.

Here is your master list of species have been recommended by the Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service and adapted to the region.

Citrus Tolerance

You shouldn’t have to worry about these trees until temps hit 27 degrees or lower.

The first two should be placed in large containers that can be moved or kept warm.

Ideal location within San Antonio

We generally consider a broad dividing line of everything within Loop 410 and east of Nacogdoches Road or those with soil and those without.

South and East of the line

North and West of the line

Multiple Tree Requirement

All fruit trees will produce fruit, but some trees produce more with more than one variety in the vicinity. Apples, pears and plums fall into this group. But again, it’s not necessary to have more than one.

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