Tips on Using Coupons

erin conant

I can say we’ve all learned a lot as we’ve offered the WaterSaver Landscape coupons. And if you participated, you know that landscaping is hard work! Deciding on a design, clearing away the existing grass and simply figuring out how each bed is going to meet the 200-square-foot requirement can be more challenging than expected.

A 200-square-foot garden is bigger than you think. You don’t want to guesstimate it. Instead, use appropriate tools to calculate correctly.

Measuring wheels and measuring tapes are obvious tools. If you don’t have one, you can easily pick one up at any dollar store, grocery store or home improvement store. These items are perfect for measuring potential bed areas that are more symmetrical, with straight sides.

If necessary, get creative. Your watering hose or outdoor extension cords come in predefined lengths of 25, 50 or 100 feet. Take advantage of this convenience and use one as a flexible tool for measuring. This is especially helpful for measuring circular beds.

If you’re stumped about the design, step back and look at the bigger picture. Imagine what you want for the entire property and not just your first 200-square-foot project. Ask yourself these questions: How do I ultimately want my entire landscape to work for me? What style appeals to me the most?

Like most people, you’ll need to break your master landscape plan into manageable pieces and complete it over time. Our WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape coupons are a great way to get that done!

Are you still having trouble? There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Ask a neighbor, hire a landscaper, or check out for how-to videos on creating a new xeric garden bed.

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