Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Mark Peterson

From growing our own food to using our city-provided recycling and organic waste bins, we made good use of our extra hours at home this past year. Here are a few more ways you can honor Mother Earth.

This past year gave us the gift of time to discover ways to help Mother Earth. From planting a garden and growing our own food to finally using our city-provided recycling and organic waste bins, we made good use of all our extra hours at home.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to continue that stride and keep growing together.

Here’s a few simple ways to continue — or begin — your journey to sustainable living.



  • The City of San Antonio provides receptacles for recyclable items (metal, glass, clean paper and plastic) and organic waste (leaves, grass clippings, twigs, non-protein food scraps).
  • Composting is an easy way to reduce the amount of home waste. Watch this hot composting videoto learn how to get started.


  • Before immediately tossing an item into the recycle bin, consider how it can be used for a different purpose. Empty glass beverage bottles inserted upside down in the ground make excellent garden bed borders. Large cans or glass pickle jars sunk upright into the ground and filled with a little beer or molasses make for effective slug and snail control. Empty glass jars are also the perfect catch-all for grease!

Earth Day is an annual reminder that we only have one home. Let’s take care of it — for ourselves and for future generations.

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