Building a Patio with Pavers, Flagstone or Stepping Stones

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Prepping for a patioscape is simple. Just follow our easy steps and you’ll be on your way to creating a pervious paradise.

Are you thinking about using the Patioscape coupon to make your outdoor living space more functional? Follow these simple steps to start saving on your outdoor watering.

  • First, measure out the length and width of your bed. Make sure there are no water or utility lines where you are going to dig. Call 8-1-1 for assistance. Outline the area with spray paint or use a hose to configure the shape.
  • Then determine the digging depth; have one of your pavers handy to determine how deep you’ll have to dig. Leave at least 4 extra inches or so for leveling and uneven rock play. Now, dig out the area. Use sand or paver sand (it has fine rock mixed in) to help allow water to drain through the area.
  • Roll out weed cloth and secure it with landscape pins to help keep your patio design from shifting. Weed cloth actually pulls double duty here by preventing pavers from shifting and keeping weeds at bay.

Now you are ready to lay down the stone. Once the stone is in place where you want it, walk on it; feel for any areas that might not be completely level. Uneven areas can be backfilled with paver sand. Lastly, use the edger of your choice to hold the entire patio in place. For a more polished look, use smaller rocks or crushed granite to fill in between the pavers. If rock is your choice, 1 ½-inch stones are recommended as they are a little larger and less likely to wash away.

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