Beat the Heat: Plant Herbs

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The weather extremes of summer can make even the most callused gardener cry. So let’s hail the heroes of the landscape — herbs!

For many gardeners, herbs are the answer to their prayers. Among the most popular to grow in San Antonio:

Most herbs need full sun to thrive, but a handful such as mint and parsley can tolerate partial shade.

Give all herbs a home with well-drained soil – their roots will rot if kept continually wet. If your soil consists of heavy clay, remedy the problem by mixing in some organic compost, inorganic decomposed granite, or expanded shale. In mid-to-late summer, trimming herbs back (by no more than half) reduces their need for water and create a fuller plant.

Nothing survives the summer heat better than herbs, and they’re perfectly content just planted in a pot. Find a sunny corner of your patio or deck and put your feet up. Herbs are practical, tough and easy to grow.

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