Bat House Project to Drive Dad Batty!

lisa spears

Building a bat house project with kids is a fun educational activity. Bonus: It’s also a natural way to keep your yard bug-free!

Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school. There’s no better time for you and your kids to tackle a hands-on bat house project that’s educational and good for the environment.

Building a bat house is inexpensive and easy to make. There are many different companies that offer a set similar to this one.

The variety, type and style are unlimited so you can choose your own skill level. The kit we put together ran about $25.00 with shipping.

All the wood pieces are pre-punched so it took the guess work out of where to put the nails. Of course, starting the nails for them is helpful, as well as hands-over-hands support.

Erecting a bat house is a great way to teach children about the environmental advantages of these nocturnal flying mammals.

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