Outdoor Space Limited? Garden Inside!

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By Cynthia Barsun, Guest Author

Just because you’re limited on outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t be surrounded by greenery. Consider house plants. They brighten up your living space and add color, too!

When choosing your plants, find ones that will do well in the space you’re providing. Try to mimic the plant’s natural environment. You may not be able to match it exactly, but the closer it is, the better off the plant will be.

Other important factors to consider:

  • Light – The amount and intensity of light plays a big part in a plant’s overall health. For example, a plant that requires full sun needs a room that gets sun all day.
  • Water – Soil type, container size, amount of light and the size of the plant all affect how much water a plant needs. Avoid letting the soil dry completely or leaving the plant sitting in water. Encourage good drainage by placing shards of broken pottery or small rocks in the base of the container.
  • Insects – Mostly a nuisance rather than a problem, insects don’t feed on the plants, but they might make their home there. Try diatomaceous earth, insecticidal soaps, or swabbing the bugs with alcohol.

Bring the beauty of outdoor plants indoors and enjoy your garden all year long, gaining both greenery and color in your interior design.

Cynthia Barsun, former SAWS conservation consultant

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