Mulch is Simply Marvelous!

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I confess. I love mulch. It’s a natural way to enhance organic matter and retain moisture in urban soils. Mulch is available in both organic and inorganic forms, and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Most people think of mulch as raw or partially decomposed pieces of wood or bark. While this is true, mulch also consists of black plastic, straw, pine needles, pecan shells, and decomposed granite. All mulches reduce soil moisture evaporation, but I prefer the organic varieties because of the carbon they add to the soil. Inorganic products like decomposed and rolled granite types are incorporated into the landscape to facilitate drainage for xeric plants.

What else can mulch do for you? Mulch reduces soil temperature to facilitate root growth, inhibits weed germination and growth, and encourages beneficial soil organisms like fungi and earthworms.

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