Common Gardening Myths Debunked

erin conant

Not knowing the facts in any situation can be harmful. When it comes to gardening myths, misunderstandings or a lack of knowledge can lead to plant damage, excessive use of chemicals, and expensive mistakes.

Enter gardening myths, old wives tales and folklore. Here are a few of the more common gardening fables:

  • Myth: Watering before a freeze prevents damage to plants. Truth: Maintaining good, overall plant health throughout the year is key to a plant’s ability to survive a freeze.
  • Myth: You should always paint/dress all tree wounds resulting from pruning or damage. Truth: Only oaks, which are susceptible to the oak wilt virus, require this kind of treatment to prevent the spread of this aggressive disease that kills thousands of oaks every year.
  • Myth: Watering during the day burns plant leaves. Truth: Water droplets on plant leaves can act as prisms, but not magnifying glasses. However, watering during the middle of the day when evaporation occurs rapidly is wasteful and a violation of year-round watering restrictions.

Bogus advice abounds in the world of gardening and much of it isn’t worth repeating. But knowledge is power. May these truths set your inner gardener free!

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